Vertical Rescue Training

The vertical rescue course is perfect for climbers of all levels of experience from recreational top rope climbers, lead climbers, experienced climbing guides and group leaders such as outdoor recreation and education facilitators, climbing club leaders and youth program leaders. 

Realistic scenario based training in self rescue and rescue of your climbing partner incorporating a series of possible scenarios.

Improve safety and efficiency during a rescue


Skills including:- 

Belay skills (escape belay under load)

Assisted abseiling techniques

Retrievable abseil descents

Knot bypass techniques

Re-anchoring or Re-belay skills 

Fixed rope climbing skills (slide and grip hitches up and down a fixed rope)

Suspended patient extraction

Lowering systems

Mechanical advantage skills (hauling systems)


Duration 5 x Day Course 

Cost $850.00 pp

Contact us for more course Information at or drop us a line on 0424 653 719