Multi Pitch Lead Climbing

This is a recreational multi pitch lead climbing course,  designed as an advanced lead climbing course for recreational single pitch lead climbers and single pitch guides looking to take the next step in developing there skills to a multi pitch climbing environment.

The students will be presented with tools and techniques to confidently and safely climb on multi pitch routes.

Involving a mix of complex approaches and descents on both sport protected routes and traditional protected routes .

Skills learned :-

Managing risk in a multi pitch environment 

Environmental ethics

Belaying techniques to prevent a factor 2 fall at a belay station 

Technical gear placement and anchor building

Removal of stuck equipment with the use of a nut tool

Belaying and rope management techniques with double ropes

Change over or swinging leads  

Traversing pitches (how to prevent a pendulum fall)

Lowering techniques (Knot bypass whilst lowering an injured climber)

Bail out techniques retrievable and fixed joined rope descents (Knot Bypass) 

Rescue techniques in a multi pitch environment


Duration 5 x Day Course 

Cost $1200.00 pp

Contact us for more course Information at or drop us a line on 0424 653 719